Salvatella horse Joyero Salvatella, 13 years, and amateur rider Jaume Escamilla preparing for their PSG entry at the Royal Polo CDI** in Barcelona. 
Jaume and Joyero ended up at the12th place in their Prix St George class of 25, with a score of 65,351%.
Although Joyero Salvatella was trained late as a dressage horse, he has managed to reach the Prix St George level. He is currently competing in Spain. 
Apart from training as a PRE Andalusian dressage horse, Joyero Salvatella has also been serving as a stud stallion for Yeguada Velasco Gonzales (VG) in Catalonia. Keep your eyes open for his sons and daughters. 
Joyero Salvatella & Joyero VG – Some Genetics 
Joyero Salvatella is a full brother of Joyero VG, the PRE Andalusian dressage horse that is currently competing so successfully with Annabelle Collins at Barcelona Horses. Joyero VG is bred by Yeguada Velasco Gonzales in Spain.
Joyero VG and Joyero Salvatella are both sons of Corinto X, grandson of the great Educado X. Thereby they are also great grandsons of the famous Guardiola stallion Centella V, Champion of Spain in 1984. Educado X is the father of many champion horses in Spain. He is one of the two stallions in the world that has been awarded with "Elite" status in the official breed registers. 
Here you can see Joyero VG and Annabelle Collins after their 69,211% test at the Young Horse Championship in Ermelo 2017. (YouTube-link)
photo @ cavalreal

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