FER BULERíA (Mañoso II x Kanaka III) is one of the exceptional grand champions of the famous Ferrero line of horses. In Spanish breed championships, Fer Bulería has won a total of 43 medals, of which 22 are gold medals. Of these, many are Absolute Champion of Functionality medals.
Almost 20 years of age, Fer Bulería is radiantly healthy, with clean joints and the heart of a young horse. Still ridden everyday in his challenging Prix St George / Grand Prix-routine, he also does lots of gymnastics to keep joints and musculature active. He is the Ferrero grand champion that has reached the highest level in dressage. 
Today, Fer Bulería is retired from the competition arenas, but he still enjoys the peace and sunny weather of his homeland Spain. He is currently serving as stallion at stud at the CavalReal stud.
For a list of all Mañoso II's sons and daughters, click here.
photo © cavalreal

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