A gorgeous, calm and affectionate black PRE Andalusian stallion of exclusive Bocado origins. He first started his training as a 1-year old with a champion trainer in freedom dressage. At 3, he started his training with a Spanish dressage trainer educated by Enrique Cruces, Spanish National Team rider and Technical Director at the Real Maestranza school in Ronda. 
This is a well behaved and highly educated gentleman with many skills. Training every day in the same arena as the ridden mares and other PRE stallions, he has no stallion behaviour at all. He has three good gaits with a long walk, elegant canter and a trot that is very comfortable and easy to sit. 
A super smooth and comfortable ride, this is a fearless, brave and self assured horse. The ancestry of the ancient Spanish horse of kings is very present within him. He is very calm, self-assured and safe to ride out, and completely comfortable with all kinds of people, children, dogs, cars, and passing trucks and tractors. He is used to both working out in the dressage arena and to often go out hacking together with the other stallions and the mares. 
This is the perfect horse for someone who is looking for a safe and calm, yet gorgeous and intensely present Spanish horse. He can compete with you at an amateur level of dressage or natural horsemanship, or be your best friend riding out or just hang out together in the stables. Intensely curious and communicative, he will never let you feel that he is not seeing you and being utterly interested in all that you do and think. 
He has the perfect conformation of the revered Terry and Romero Benitez lines of horses of old. Because of his excellent, classical Spanish type with perfect proportions, a long neck and beautiful face, he could also be the foundation for a breeding project. 
In the case you or your friends would be interested in breeding with him, he has the rare "yellow" gene, which means that he can give black, bay, grey and also buckskin offspring. 
Black PRE Andalusian stallion born 2010, 16.14 hh/164 cm | Origins: Bocado |  Pedigree: Son of an Absolute Champion of the Breed, siblings are Absolute Champions of Movements and Absolute Champions of the Breed 
photo © cavalreal
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