PRE Andalusian dressage horse for sale in Spain: Grey stallion, 12 years. The perfect friend and partner for a dressage-loving child, young rider or amateur rider who wants to compete. Has competed in FEI dressage with a young girl, for many years.
In training with a professional FEI dressage trainer in Spain since many years. He does lateral work & started his flying changes. An exceptionally well-behaved dressage horse, both on and off the arena. Ridden daily with mares and other stallions, both on and off the arena. No stallion behaviour. Strong, happy and in perfect health. Great fun to ride. 
Breed: Pura Raza Española (PRE) | Born 2006 | Height: 16.53 hh/168 cm | Temperament: Expressive, gentle and perfectly well-behaved| For sale: Yes | Price: 15 - 25.000€ | Airport: Sevilla, Malaga or Madrid
photo © cavalreal
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